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Elder Mckay Palmer

Elder Mckay Palmer
Scotland/Ireland Mission June 2017-June 2019


Uno Mas!!

Hello everyone!! This has been such a crazy week!! The good news is IT'S FINALLY WARM!!! I can now finally work on getting my good AZ tan back! So get ready to see the slow progression to me being tan again!  
So there were a lot of ups and downs this week. The biggest down was the girl we had on date to be baptised this week dropped us. So that was obviously pretty rough, but hey all of us have the gift of agency! And also Elder Masulonis got sick, also a down, but through it all there were actually some pretty good things that happened!! I'll share two of the biggest miracles.  So first one happened Saturday night. We were heading back from a lesson and it was about 8:45, so we were really just heading back to the flat for the night. We walked past a lady just leaning against a fence, and I just said hi as we walked by. We got a little farther down, and I turned to Elder Masulonis and said I felt like we should go back and talk to her, but it was getting late. But he said if…

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